Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cupcake Valentine's Day Box

We had so much fun making this Cupcake Valentine's Day Box last year. This Cupcake box was so easy to make.  We found a bucket for the base and a round piece of styrofoam for the top.  We cut a hole in the styrofoam so there would be a place for kids to drop off Valentines.  We folded up card stock and glued it to the bucket to make the cupcake liner.  For the top of the cupcake we glued  squares of tissue paper. Just a little glue in the middle is enough.  This part takes awhile to get this full look! We spray painted a styrofoam ball for the cherry and cut out pieces of card stock for the sprinkles! 
  Not sure how we are going to top it this year!  Any ideas? 


  1. Can you give pointers on how to make this super cute cupcake?

    1. Sorry for the slow response, but we have updated this post!

  2. Truly a gorgeous Valentine’s Day box. Thanks for featuring it here. We celebrated it this year grandly. Had so much fun in Valentine party at a local event space. Everything over there was superb. Will never forget this day!

  3. I am going to do this one. so beautiful and cute. thank you.

  4. where do you find the styrofoam?

  5. Were did u put the hole for the valentine cards? Tia

  6. Yes, Where did you put the hole for the Valentines? Also is the cherry connected??